A Beautiful Tribute…

A beautiful tribute from so many dear friends of Christine M. Dominski.  Our family would like to say “thank you” to the dear friends of Chris for holding a celebration in our Greece Chapel and having a balloon release here to honor her life.

Veterans Day and USMC-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Thank you to the men and woman who have served and presently serve in the Armed Forces. Thank you for the sacrifices that both you and your families have made to protect out freedoms. Thank you to those that are presently fighting abroad. A special thanks to the families of our brave military. So often we take the past and present service of our brave men and women of the Armed Forces for granted. Thanks for our veterans should not be just once a year, but every day. Know, that these individuals fight for peace, fight for freedom and fight for the very liberties that you and I enjoy every day.

Happy Birthday to the United States Marines. The tenth day of November! This unique holiday for warriors is a day of camaraderie, a day to honor Corps and Country. Throughout the world on the 10th of November, U.S. Marines celebrate the birth of their Corps — the most loyal, most feared, most revered, and most professional fighting force the world has ever known.

Caring For Caregivers Month

November is National Caregivers Month.

In 1994, the National Family Caregivers Association began promoting the celebration of family caregivers during the week of Thanksgiving. President Clinton signed the first presidential proclamation in 1997 and every president since – Democrat and Republican alike – has issued an annual proclamation appreciating family caregivers. As interest grew in family caregiving issues, National Family Caregivers Week became National Family Caregivers Month.

Day in and day out, more than 65 million family caregivers in this country fulfill a vital role on the care team. No one else is in a better position to ensure continuity of care. Family caregivers are the most familiar with their care recipients’ medicine regimen; they are the most knowledgeable about the treatment regimen; and they understand best the dietary and exercise regimen.

NFCA coordinates National Family Caregivers Month as a time to thank, support, educate and empower family caregivers. Celebrating Family Caregivers during NFC month enables all of us to:

  • Raise awareness of family caregiver issues
  • Celebrate the efforts of family caregivers
  • Educate family caregivers about self-identification
  • Increase support for family caregivers

Our family would like to thank all the caregivers in our community for their selfless generosity and devotion to all the families we serve. Your recognition does not go unnoticed.

On behalf of our family we presented Mums and Apples to all the Nursing Homes and Hospices in our community to say “thank you for what you do”!!

It was a great feeling to see all the smiles and happy tears!!